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The Bitter Roots: Victim

Tuesday July 20th, 2013 12:01AM PDT

Victim - Dramatic Video


He walks in and she walks out.
There's nothing left to talk about.
It was over, before it began.
She's buying clothes and fancy shoes.
He's thinking about it, thinking what to do.
It was over before it began.

Victim. Why do you have to be that way.
Victim. Don't want to ride your wave now.
Victim. Don't want to live like that.
Victim. Don't care about your kiss tats no.

Well here you are you've some so far.
You're never one to dress up like a rock star.
You've got it made, by the look on your face.
You've got yourself a girl with long brown curls.
Living on the other side of the world.
You just got laid, in the shade.

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