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Thursday May 22nd, 2014 12:01AM PDT

For Memorial Day, In loving memory of all those friends and family lost, especially those to the wiles of addiction.

Family Ties:
Jeff Stetson - Vocals, Guitars
Ben Koostra - Drums and Bass
Floyd Reitsma - Mix and Master
Ricky Pharoe - Video Direction, Film and Edits

Starring Kate Bergstrom and Liam Stetson, filmed in and around the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

The Bitter Roots Fammily Ties


Play the Part
Don't you fall to far
Be the son I need you to be
Precariously on the edge of insanity
We rise and fall, as one

And you have seen the trouble come
And you have been away for so long
Did you ever stop and wonder why

You could have said anything
So many things come to mind
But you went and said that
With a heart as cold as ice

Sins of the mother spoil the child
Make no mistake and don't you cry
Live the life I need you to live
Tooth of the world bite the babe
Hush don't you deny that there is a snake
Leading you astray from who you are

Be still your heart
A life cut so short
Now another hollow empty soul
Joyously, on the brink of finality
You have come and gone, alone