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Tuesday Janauary 27th, 2014 12:01AM PDT


The first single from Noise Vibrations and Fumes. A song of inspiration. To let you know no matter what, no matter who tells you no. Never quit doing what you love, because no one can take away your dreams. I wrote this song during a stretch in the last few years where I was just not sleeping well. My mind was preoccupied mostly with how seemingly impossible it is for me to make any kind of a living making music and how for so long now I have had to lead a dual life of day job Jeff with the real musician artist me. The music is its own reward. All the other things that do and do not come along with a would be ‘music career’ are not worth the time getting hung up about.

Fast and Slow:
Jeff Stetson - Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Ben Koostra - Drums
Floyd Reitsma - Mix and Master

Fast and Slow
A little light in the darkness.
Wide awake I'm troubled.
Morning has come too fast.
I used to sleep better,
But anymore its just a few short hours.

But am I so insane,
Never sleep again.
Why can't I stop the time from moving.
Thinking about this or that,
Dunno where my mind is at.
Whats the difference,
Just a few more minutes.

A few more minutes

Well I'm drowning in my fate.
Thinking of all the ways that,
I Could have done things right.
But what's the point anymore,
Thinking in those old ways Now.
I'm moving toward the light.

But isn't it so mundane,
When we're spinning 'round the drain.
Why can't I stop my mind from racing.
Good night its over now.
The voices don't seem so loud.
When I just concentrate on nothing.

On nothing.

Fast and Slow,
Into the unknown now.
It makes no difference to me.
'Cause I keep holding on to,
The simple fact that no one can,
Take away your dreams.

Fast and Slow