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From our Album Chiaroscuro.

The Bitter Roots Prophets and Saviors

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She says she is high on Jesus
Says that I can still be saved
I tell her I don't smoke that dust no
She is most likely depraved
What is so interesting about a father a son and a ghost
These are things best not talked about in the company of the ones you love most

Hosanna, Hosanna, who the hell is Hosanna
Why do you keep singing her name
Jesus the savior, Mohammed the prophet
Well I think that they are both the same

So she gets absolutely pissed off
Says jesus died for you you
Oh no he did not
I tell her I think that is offensive
And I curse here in old Hebrew
Well why don't we wax poetic, about the plight of old Palestine
While the world turns a covenient blind eye and Isreali bulldozers grind

Well what is so just and pious about killing children in the street
Who's only real crime in this short life was going to market for something to eat
So why do you walk around that black rock
Seven times in the desert sun
Do you think that you will really be saved while the devil is on the run
I think it is all quite lame
I think they are both the same
I think you are all insane