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Tuesday May 5th, 2014 8:30AM PDT


The 2nd single from Noise Vibrations and Fumes. An Ode to artists who do what they do because they still love doing it, despite the critics, the naysayers, the fashionistas and the sycophants. Fly your flag and be proud, dream your dream and dream big.

Jeff Stetson - Vocals, Guitars and Bass
Ben Koostra - Drums
Floyd Reitsma - Mix and Master

Call it a bleeding phase.
Well now you know.
You're no one's fave,
And lying won't make it so.
You're in outer space,
Without a sound.
Face to face with,
The only truth around.

Falling faster won't you try to save me?
I'll beg you to forgive it all.
Could I be the only one,
That feels so low,

There's a time and place,
So keep your head down.
Such and honest face,
Always smile and never a frown.
With the frantic pace,
You think you're a star,
Well act your age,
you won't go far.

Well hush you're not alone.
You know you never really been far from home.
You've always kind of sung in a way,
That's out of style with times of the day.